Would your closing average go up if you only presented to those that agree to buy before you presented? Of course! So why don’t you do it? Sound crazy? It wont once you understand the Sales Funnel® process. In the research phase of the sales process we ask clients what are their buying criteria. We then ask if we bring back a solution that satisfies those criteria will we be their provider? There are only 3 answers. Yes, No, and Maybe. If they say yes we already have the sale! If they say no, we have saved an incredible amount of time because we do not present a solution. However, the most common answer is maybe. And what follows the maybe is the objection they were going to save until after you presented to delay the decision. As a salesmaster I am sure that you can eliminate the objection during your presentation. The problem is that in traditional selling we do not find out the objection until after we have presented.

Ask for the order before you present to smoke out the objection and watch your sales soar.

Posted in Ray's Rules by Ray Leone on September 25, 2009.

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