Clients Rave About Whole Brain Selling

Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have reaped the benefits of our dynamic sales system.

Case Study: Rome E-Commerce Summit

This group was comprised of PhDs and MBAs from the finest schools in the world, including MIT, Harvard, and Oxford. A very powerful international group. They sell very big, very complex deals to the leading companies around the globe. We have selected this series of comments from attendees of the training because of the diverse education, culture, and experience level of the groups to demonstrate its applicability to any group or product.

In 12 years of consulting and over 50 courses attended, this is the most valuable I’ve ever experienced. I am amazed at how [they] can come up with the answer to any question that this class asks.” – Dr. Karl Sanderson

Comments from the Hamburg course—this group was comprised of 50% new hires.

“Very relevant to consulting/team environment. Great insight on interpersonal interactions.” – A. Mavromach

“I am continually amazed at how [their] program has the same relevance and impact on seasoned pros and rookies alike.” – Tom Metz, President of Electronic Banking Systems

Aqua Convention


“The only speaker I’ve asked to present at ever Aqua Convention for the last ten years. Attendees keep saying they want more. In fact, this year we have set aside an entire day for SF. I’ll probably hire SF for the next ten years.”

Peter Brown, Publisher, Aqua Magazine


My company’s sales have increased 322% since we implemented many of [their] ideas.

Jeff Berglund, Omni Pool and Spa


Made me see the sales process in a totally different light. As a planned, disciplined, ethical science.”

Keith Wingfield, Tradewind Spas



“Very good strategies for building customer trust.”

Vickie Ferguson, AT&T


Moving, powerful, and very doable tips on managing the process.”

Steve Fortuna, AT&T


“The best seminar of its kind. I came away with knowledge that only time and experience could have given me otherwise.

Phillip Mullinax, AT&T


“A wonderful, uplifting sales experience.”

Bob Williams, AT&T

Banks & Credit Unions


[Their] managers training was the highest rated program we’ve done.”

Sharon Smith, Wachovia


“Very useful, pertinent information that I will definitely implement to replace my existing sales technique.”

Bartina Edwards, First Union


Your management training produced results.

Al Hutchinson, Jr., First Federal

Building Materials Association


A selling process with teeth.

Ron Thurlow, Stock Lumber


“Outstanding. You present an outstanding directive for sales, business, and life.”

Stan Torsteusch, Stan's Lumber


Tons of great information in a highly entertaining presentation. Definitely stuff I can use every day.”

Doug Wright, Payless Cashways

Clemson University

From the Clemson Athletic Department:


Dynamite! Totally dynamite! This was a tremendous help to me in helping to organize our recruiting strategies and, in addition, to help our staff maximize our productivity.”

Jim Davis, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Clemson University


“[They] designed their information on a level where we can relate to. They did their research on their audience and I have learned a great deal.”

John Paulowski, Assistant Baseball Coach, Clemson University


“The seminar provided insights that will enable us to use our resources in the most effective manner. A real eye opening and fun experience.”

Linda White, Associate AD, Clemson University

Compass Group


We’ve sold $2B worth of new business—that speaks for itself. Our closing average went from 14% to over 70% using [their] training program.”

Kurt Kimball, Compass Group


“This is my second session and they continue to amaze me with their energy and the impact they have on my performance and how I view myself.”

Thomas Hennessy, Compass Group


“It is so much food for thought that it can feed self improvement for a long time.”

Deanne Brandstetter, Compass Group


“[Their] class has begun the process for me of developing the skills needed for account retention, employee retention, and account selling skills.”

Alan Wilson, Compass Group



“[They] provided us with such a variety of powerful techniques that it would be impossible not to leave with at least one career or organizational idea that can be implemented immediately.”

Robin Washington, Atlanta Journal Constitution


Should be mandatory for all salespeople.

Tangela Gibson, Atlanta Journal Constitution


“Your sharing of leadership, management, and personal experiences over the last two days have exceeded my expectations. The investment of the time, money, and talent was well worth it and will provide ROI without a doubt.

Jim Beard, COX Radio Tampa


“[They] gave us proven selling examples and techniques to sell the individual personalities. A big AHA!”

Donna Thurman, Austin American Statesman

GM Group


“Challenging. I learned a different approach of how to sell, identify the customer, and deal properly with objections.”

Roberto Delgado, GM Group


Their impact on you will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Santiago Albanese, GM Group


“Ray is a wonderful person and his program is really useful in determining the real needs of the customer.”

Anonymous, GM Group

Liberty Life


“[Their] program breaks the sales process down to simple steps that anyone can benefit from.”

Calvin Clay, Liberty Life


“Very sincere and trustworthy material that I will use.”

Michael Oglesby, Liberty Life


“Dynamic speaker and motivator.”

Sylvia Brice-Stephens, Liberty Life



“I have attended numerous sales seminars over the years; however, this one day introduced more concepts than most sessions that last a week. I have lots of work to do now!”

Mike Duck, Lucent


“Absolutely phenomenal! Uplifting and motivating! This has been the most worthwhile seminar I have ever attended.”

Gayle DeWitt, Lucent


“One of the most powerful presenters I’ve ever seen. I could have listened for hours more. The best training Lucent has invested in in years.

Dede Blackburn, Lucent

Real Estate


“An organized, systematic approach I’ve never seen before. We will use it.”

Boyd Loadholt, Agent Owned Realty


I will always consider my experience with [them] as the starting point of my new career.

John Hammontree


“[Their] course has instilled a confidence in implementing clear and concise techniques for understanding human behavior which is the main component of master salesmanship.”

Elaine Brabham, Jim West, June Kemmerlin

Organizations Impacted by Whole Brain Selling

  • ACCA – Air Conditioning Contractors of America
  • Access Cash
  • Accor Hotels
  • ADT
  • Allstate
  • Alpha Chemical & Plastics Corp
  • Anchor Awning
  • Aqua International
  • Aquatech
  • ASLA – American Society Of landscape Architects
  • Association of Female Executives
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • AT&T
  • Automated Business Systems
  • Avaya
  • BellSouth
  • Berchtold
  • Bicknell
  • BioLab
  • Blue Haven Pools
  • Blue Hawaiian Pools
  • BMA of Carolinas/Tennessee
  • Bon Appetite
  • Bonsal
  • Brick Association
  • BTI
  • BuyGitomer
  • Canteen Vending
  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel
  • Caribbean Clear
  • Caroliance
  • Carolina Business Systems
  • Carolina Society for Training and Development
  • CCIM of Georgia
  • Centex Homes
  • Century 21
  • Charleston C of C
  • Chartwells
  • Classic Properties
  • Clear Channel
  • Clemson University
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Comcast Cable
  • Compass Group
  • Conseco
  • Cooper River Federal
  • Cox Communications
  • Cox Radio Tampa Crothall
  • Dairyland Power Credit Union
  • Dayton Daily News
  • DBC – Dietitians in Business and Communications
  • Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
  • Dimension One Spas
  • Dominos Pizza
  • EDS
  • ESS
  • ERA
  • Eurest
  • Evode-Tanner Industries
  • Executone
  • Fiberstars
  • Financial Managers Society
  • First Financial
  • First Union
  • Foodbuy.Com
  • Franklin Properties
  • GM Group
  • Grease Monkey International
  • Greater Charleston Apartment Association
  • Grubb&Ellis
  • HBD Industries
  • HPBA Hearth Patio and Barbecue Assoc.
  • Heritage Trust Federal Cr. Union
  • Home Federal
  • Horizon Software
  • IBIS
  • I-CAR
  • Intellirisk Management
  • Jandy
  • Keenan Insurance
  • Kemet
  • Knights of Columbus Insurance
  • KPMG
  • LA Spas
  • Laidlaw
  • Leadership Academy
  • LeBlue Water
  • Levy Restaurants
  • Lexington County Schools
  • Liberty Life Lifecare Services
  • Life Cycle Engineering
  • Lockheed
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Marquis Spas
  • Master Spas
  • MCI
  • MedSpeed
  • Mitchell Madison
  • Morrisons Healthcare
  • MPI
  • Mursatt Chemical of Canada
  • National Bike Dealers Assoc.
  • Nations Bank New York Life
  • North Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors Association
  • NSPI
  • Oracle
  • Paddock Pools
  • Palm Beach Post
  • Patio Pools
  • Pegasus Steel
  • Peoples Bank
  • Prosales Magazine
  • Prudential
  • Rampage Boats
  • Restauronics Services Ltd
  • Rexam
  • Rick Hendrick BMW
  • Rohm & Haas
  • San Juan Pools
  • SCE&G
  • SCP – South Central Supply
  • Sensormatic
  • Shasta
  • SMEI
  • South Carolina Credit Union League
  • Southern Bell
  • Sprint SSC
  • Summit Group
  • SunCom
  • Team Health
  • Teledyne
  • Tempnet
  • The Harris Group
  • USWeb
  • Virginia Press Association
  • Wachovia
  • Wisconsin Credit Union League
  • WSB Radio

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