It's Like Having Tony On Every Call

Retain all you learned by having a certified Whole Brain Selling mentor keep you on track

Research has shown that 90% of what we learn is forgotten within a week without proper reinforcement and practice. Therefore, we have partnered with AcousticSelling™ to provide you with personalized coaching and development.

By applying the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, we’ll assess your Whole Brain Selling effectiveness on every sales call to unlock your full potential.

Acoustic Selling partnership

Improvement for Individuals:

  • Identifying and matching your prospect’s personality.
  • Maintaining rapport throughout the entire call
  • Making an emotional impact on your prospect
  • Precisely executing each step of the Sales Funnel
  • Heightened awareness of self-critique and analysis

Improvement for Teams:

  • Increased training adoption rates
  • Visibility into every one of your team’s conversations
  • Shared learning and peer reinforcement
  • Direct connection to revenue growth and ROI
  • Quickly identify trends and patterns for additional help from Ray and Tony