There has been quite a lot of information and theories published on Left Brain/Right Brain leadership. In fact, my latest leadership course has a section on Left Brain (systems, processes, skills) and one on Right Brain (motivation, trust, empathy).

However, not much has been published on how to sell to the whole brain. Left Brain is logic and Right Brain is emotion. On which side of the brain does your sales strategy focus? Have you thought about it? How much more would you sell if you could sell to the side of the brain that your prospect uses to make decisions?

Selling to the Right Brain requires you to be a story teller because Right Brain people think in stories as they relate to emotions. Think about the commercials of Folgers Coffee and Master Card. What are they selling? It is not coffee and it is not 21% interest rates. It is love of family and magic moments that are priceless.

When President Obama was selling “Obamacare”, he was not selling the cutting of Medicare by 50% or tax increases. He sold the story of a young boy whose mother died without proper medical care. He was tugging at your Right Brain to override the logic of your Left Brain.

What are you selling? If you are selling 21% interest rates instead of selling magic moments, then you are missing a lot of sales.

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