Often, when salespeople want to accelerate the process, they tend to skip steps to arrive at the outcome sooner. However, more often than not, skipping steps in the Sales Funnel®, tend to increase the length of time for the result. Worse yet, the outcome is not the one desired.

Trust the process. It will not abandon you. You will abandon the process. I recall a study done by an insurance company years ago that analyzed the reasons for a drop in sales, by their sellers, in their second year. They thought it was because the rookies had sold all their friends and family members and could not sell to strangers. What they found out was quite surprising. In their second year, the insurance salesperson knew the answers to the questions they were asking their prospects and stopped asking the questions. For instance, they knew how much insurance the family needed if they were a family of four earning $100,000 a year.

What they did not realize was that asking those questions was actually building their credibility and had the prospect relying on the salesperson for advice. Additionally, it brings into play another Ray’s Rule, PEOPLE DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEIR OWN DATA. When the client is involved in the construction of the solution, they are more likely to agree with the solution.  That brings up another Ray’s Rule, LOOK BACK. When you are having a problem in a certain step in the process, most of the time what caused the problem occurred during a previous step. If you have not established rapport and credibility, then you will not get unguarded answers to your questions.

Accelerate the process by doing each step efficiently and moving to the next step as soon as you have accomplished the purpose of the step you are in. Of course, it requires that you know the purpose of each step. Don’t be like those insurance salespeople that thought the main reason for asking the questions was to get the answers. The main reason for asking the questions is to build your credibility.

Sales Funnel® Salesmasters know, and are proficient at accomplishing, the purpose of each step. That is why they have the highest closing averages in their respective industries.

Till next time

Ray Leone

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Posted in Ray's Rules by Tony Leone on July 27, 2012.

  1. William (Wild Bill) Johnson says:

    Ray – these “rules” are always incredibly helpful and a good reminder to help coach my team. I will tell you, I am probably the worst example of hitting my team over the head asking them to accelerate with out giving paremiters to do that with positive outcomes.

    Thanks so much……also WOW what a great revamp of the Web Site. I especialy like the easy assess to the archives.


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