A few days before I went to South Africa, I received a call from an old client that was also a friend. I hadn’t heard from him since I last spoke to his group. I asked him why he was calling and he said he just wanted to let me know that I was a great guy and that he was there for me whenever I needed him. He then offered to take me to his farm to do some hunting and then he offered to help me on my property. While In Africa I received a response to my last Ray’s Rule from a great guy that I met at the Jersey Boys seminar. If you recall, I asked for suggestions for topics for Ray’s Rules and his suggestion was that we should not forget the personal touch. He reminded me (and I did need reminding) that too often in this high tech world we have replaced face to face interaction with Skype and hand written letters with emails. Social Networking has its place, but don’t let it replace the personal touch. He wanted my thoughts but I think his are better than mine would be. Here is his recommendation in his words:

“Happy New Year and thanks for the latest Rule. I hope things are well with you and family. A good topic would be the proper use of electronic technology in sales. Too many times I see sales people take themselves out of the relationship equation by relying too much on social media tools like e-mails, LinkdIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These items are great for instant contact, but rarely do they lead to real relationships. It is still important to write letters, have telephone conversations, and meet face to face. Social networking will never replace one on one in building the true relationships that lead to making the big sale.”
Roosevelt Heyward, III, President/CEO of Haywood and Fleming Associates

Thank you Roosevelt, your friendship is valued.